CRASH Recovery Protocol

by Chef Jirard

CRUSH your addictions. SUPPORT your nervous system. THRIVE instead of jive. Let the CRASH Recovery Protocol resuscitate your desire to live the good life! Join us now!    


Feeling meh? Maybe worse? Over the excuses for your fave outlet for addiction?

If you're positively ready to fix your life, you're positively in the right place. On the fence? Don't bother. We'll still be here when you're positive about your legacy, but let's be clear: this is no picnic. Launching your legacy requires a hard reboot. The first week can be positively rough--and it's worth it!

Chef Jirard's no-nonsense diet will absolutely transform your body chemistry to decimate addiction and disease. Anytime you feel off, hit Phase 1 for a week and autocorrect.

You'll never need a guru again; just do the steps and feel better. Every. Damn. Time. Do it now, because your body, mind, and loved ones will thank you for it.

© Copyright Yvette Troyna, Positive Living Maestro