Juggling acts

Sometimes being in business, being in love, and in our case, being in business with the one we love, feels like a sloppy, self-effacing juggling act, doesn't it?

What happened to those blushy days of innocence, planning an empire together between delicious, steamy love-making sessions? Don't even get me started on those exhilarating pillow talks!

Heavy, heavy sigh.

We've all been there.     

None of us wants to talk about it. 

Thing is, we can easily course-correct with only a glimmery remnant of entrepreneurial-spirited magic. We ALL possess it or we couldn't be in business. Having a successful business and relationship is essential to the success of either--and both.


                  Read. That. Again.

Having a successful business and relationship is essential to the success of either and both.

Psychologist David G. Myers said, "Everything psychological is simultaneously biological."

We couldn't agree more! 

 Join us to reconnect in a safe, nonjudgmental environment, and let us help you lovingly identify where your entrepreneurial couples' juggling act comes up short. Through a collection of candid, warm and humorous experts and carefully curated experiences, we support you as a couple to embrace your challenges and strengths together. our goal is two fold: scale your business and fan your flame to new heights of success success will look like whatever you two consider success. we include: respect for each other and self, empathy, intimacy, newly discovered authentic voices, and mutually craved romance as markers of success in our romantic business relationship. 

Alumni clients enjoy discounted follow up sessions and other retreats, as well as private invitations to specially curated Love in Business events. Many couples use this resource as their annual planning retreat/tax deductible romantic getaway. 

Reconnect and identify your juggling act's shortcomings while finding the Sweet Spot through a collection of candid, warm, and humorous details. embrace your challenges and strengths together at your own pace in a casual setting, and fan your flame to new heights of respect, empathy and romance.


Q What do these retreats look like?

A A small handful of couples spend a weekend in a picturesque setting with a dedicated personal chef. Private accommodations, concierge service, and dietary preferences included. Full schedule of specialists, amazing cuisine, ample romantic opportunities, and of course the highly encouraged option to dip out of any activity should the mood between you shift to a more private setting. 

Outings, innings, and gatherings to share information, ideas, and solutions scatter through the weekend. During your sign up evaluation, you'll share your top concerns as both a couple and entrepreneurs, which tailor fits your weekend to best suit your needs. Most couples double this retreat as a working vacation and tax write off, so we make sure to provide plenty of flexibility. 

Above all, the tone is carefully set to feel casual, open, respectful and collaborative. For a more laser focused conclusion to this weekend, you'll enjoy a private consultation with a specialist to discover your next perfect steps together.

Q Where are these retreats held? 

Ferndale CA-snuggled between old growth redwood forests and the mighty Pacific ocean, you'll enjoy temperate rain forest weather in an historic Victorian Inn. Bring warm clothes for sleeping, bonfire weather, and strolling through our Victorian village after dark. 

Scottsdale AZ-posh desert glamping experience. Take a therapeutic soak in Lake Pleasant or a captained boat ride. Stargaze til you're dizzy and wake up for an all star breakfast. Finish your day with a star studded culinary/mixology lineup. Desert hiking and water sports are also options. 

Ashland OR-World renowned performances at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, winter skiing, summer water sports, and Lithia Park support this culture-forward region. Bring your cocktail dress and suit for fine dining and theater, or plan a more casual weekend with outdoor fun. 

Q What is the cost? 

Retreat tickets include private accommodations, professional chef prepared meals, activities, "took kit" with romantic essentials, one on one coaching session, and online support. $3847/couple. 

If you prefer to secure your own accommodations, please let us know. We'll happily credit part of your ticket for independent lodging.

Bookings fill quickly with such an intimate group, so secure your spot today. click the link here to reserve your space and gain access to our private social media group prior to the big weekend. We look forward to helping you renew your love in business.