Hey there. Life got you down? Maybe I can help.

See, there's more than one way to get your groove back after your life's been sucked into a spiky hamster ball of pandemonium. Phew...2020...What a kick in the pants. And now what? We're all expecting to just go back to "biz as usual," except...what's normal now? I feel you. Big time. 

While writing this, America's social climate is fraught with angst, decision fatigue, and full blown panic. Confusing mask laws reinstated in some places and not others at this juncture, for a second summer. Everywhere on the street I see our new foundation of insecurity. People need unified answers from experts, yet there is no unity among experts. Period. Do we remask in case the science is wrong, and deal with mascne, mouth rot, and brain-melting oxygen deprivation, or run the risk of some misplaced rage from the nearest self appointed Karen hitting us upside the head if we can't wear one?

A woman shrieked at a complete stranger at higher decibels than I once thought humanly possible, bringing the maskless shopper to a dead stop. The outraged Karen didn't let up until her target abandoned her cart. "I can't wear a mask. I... was assaulted and I....just...can't relive that feeling. I just need groceries." She gulped between sobs, backing out of the store. My guts fell right in my shoes. The Karen's mouth dropped open like a big mouth bass on my brother's trophy wall. She didn't apologize, but I'd bet my south paw that she realized how cruelly her inner fear manifested itself--all over a person already in deep personal crisis. 

Friends, I know we're afraid of the scary unknown, but we must find better ways to relieve the brunt of our inner freak outs. We're all doing our level best to be good humans. I truly believe that, and it'll help your soul relax just enough to get through this if you do too. This mask example can be applied to most slippery haps in life. Sadly, I knew this victim needed a hug before she split the scene without her purchases. Some form of human support to pull her back into mindfulness, and yet we huggers are oft considered Public Enemy #1 midpandemic. It was so awkward for everyone, and to this day I feel ashamed for not chasing her down and squeezing the love back into this victim's heart.

And if you ever read this, lady who left the store sobbing and empty handed, I'm so sorry for your massively private suffering, and the timing, and the way you weren't able to heal before having to leave your comfort zone, and for whatever circumstance you found yourself in that you had to leave home during a pandemic to feed yourself--only to go through all that to be attacked again, and leave without your groceries. 

Questions on everyone's mind: "What's safer? For me? For you? Who matters more now? Why are we choosing?! Stay home to be safe, or get precious sunlight's Vitamin D3 for immunity and a better mood? Will I kill my roomie in my sleep if I fake-smile through one more 24 hour gaming marathon? Gack. That foot smell never thins out. Maybe if she just bathed now and then it'd be easier to share this tiny dorm room. Sigh."

We must feel better to be better, and such mental crumbling and societal decay has me twisted with worry. We're teetering on disaster, with so many blissful vistas, experiences, and pivotal excursions to savor. I see empathy flowing. I see bonding between enemies, and this brings me great hope for our magical species. We harness energy, for cryin out loud! We create. We trouble shoot. We improvise. Most importantly, we adapt. We can overcome our own foibles, together.  

My way includes science-based positive psychology. Nothing religious or political. Just disrupting "business as usual." Superpower School Inc is a Benefit Corp that offers tips and tricks for authentic happiness, as well as a ready-made business if you need a happy hustle. Help people in your community activate their superpowers to love life again. We provide training and awards Summits as well as ongoing support. 

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